One of the most sought-after countries, United Kingdom is set off the northwest coast of France between the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea and comprises England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Home to the world? oldest parliamentary democracy, UK has long been well known for the grandeur of its castles and palaces. Looking at the extraordinary blend of concrete and green, old and new, UK, from the very first look, comes across as a unique multi-colored metropolitan country.

Essentially covered with low mountains and hills, United Kingdom experiences the most unpredictable climate that can change over hours. Though it is perceived by many that UK suffers from the? Dull and gloomy? rains almost all year round, it would be a surprise to them that there are brilliant spells of sunny days with temperatures frequently exceeding 30?C. Summer temperatures range between 14?C and 30?C, while winters are cold at 1C to 5C, with isolated regional contrasts.

The rich art and culture of UK is built on the foundation of multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and multi-racial pillars. Birthplace of the likes of Newton, Shakespeare, John Lennon and many other famous personalities, it has been viewed as the land of opportunities and people from all parts of the world have made Britain their home. Being the first country to have experienced the industrial revolution, the strength with which it galloped back then has certainly not slowed down. According to the 2007 estimates, Britain enjoyed a magnificent GDP of $2.137 trillion, reflecting the prosperous and flourishing lifestyle of this magical country.