Canada is a beautiful and prosperous country and is ranked number one by the United Nations Human Development Index as the best country in the world in which to live. With this in mind, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide apply to become landed immigrants of Canada or visit each year.

If you are considering applying for Permanent Residence in Canada or to visit, one of your first considerations will be the category under which you should apply. Miles Ahead Immigration has the knowledge and experience to assist you in this regard. The following is an overview of the various categories of Immigration open to applicants for Permanent Residence as well as to those who merely wish to visit Canada before making such an important decision.

Allow Miles Ahead Immigration to guide you to all of the wealth, freedom and opportunities Canada has to offer. We can help you achieve your dreams. Canada, the Maple country, remains the safest and most sought after destination for immigrants since it is a land of immense opportunities. Canada needs young, dynamic and well-educated professionals who can meet the demands of the rapidly changing technological economy.